What's out there?

11th October 2021:
Three texts describing the life of feminist writer Hiratsuka Raicho and husband, painter, Okumura Hiroshi, in Omonma, one from 1990, one from 2000, and another from 2003 were published.

女性活動家で作家の平塚らいてうと、夫の洋画家奥村博史の小文間時代に関する文献:平塚らいてうを学ぶ会呼びかけ号(1990)『平塚らいてうを想う 中村三佐男 第三回ビアンの会二〇〇〇年記念』(2000)らいてうさんのいた頃(2003)を公開しました。

4th October 2021:
Upon the 30th anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of TUA Toride, the T3 project, thesis (2020), and report on educational and research activities (2009) was first published.


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